Nisean by Parfums de Marly – A Fragrance Review
Nisean by Parfums de Marly is a proof that an woody-oriental fragrance can be conventional without being boring. The first spray will deliver a healthy dose of the typical for the genre resins, woods and flowers. You may smile and say to yourself that Nisean is a well-composed fragrance but nothing you haven't smelled before and you'll be right.

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3 Good Reasons Why Your Friends May Hate Your Perfume
We all have been there before. You find a fragrance you love just to discover all your friends hate it. You might rationalize saying people have different tastes. That's true but it's probably not the only reason why people turn their noses up. Here are three reasons you'd never guess why people may hate your perfume.
Rocabar by Hermes – Fragrance Review
To get a sense what it's like experiencing Hermes's Rocabar, take your favourite song and play it very at a very low volume. You can barely hear a coherent melody and all the straining kills your joy. Rocabar is one of the perfumes that make up the core Hermes's fragrance collection. Others fragrances it includes are Belle Ami, Equipage, Caleche, and Eau d'Hermes. I have been unfortunate to have never smelled the original release of Rocabar, as rumour has it, it was an amazing fragrance. I recall smelling a reformulated version around 2009, which I remember being a lot more potent than the watery juice Hermes is currently peddling.​
Aventus by Creed: The King of Men’s Perfume Review (2016)
Two years ago I wrote that Creed Aventus is the perfume of choice for soulless climbers of the career ladder. I'm not sure why but today I have warmer feelings toward Aventus and its ubiquitous wearers. I have to be honest - I have always liked Creed Aventus. Olivier Creed masterfully blended roasted pineapple, smoke and creamy vanilla to create fragrance that is original, versatile and with mass-appeal at the same time. Balancing originality and mass market appeal appears to be a tall order for many designer fragrance houses.
Clive Christian: When Luxury for the Sake of Luxury Doesn’t Pay the Bills
What comes to mind when you hear Clive Christian? For me, it's opulent chandeliers and this brooding image of him. As I keep swirling Clive Christian in my head, other, funny images come to mind. One of them is a video of his daughter Victoria demonstrating a new perfume release. Wearing a white magician glove she sprays the fragrance in the air and then fans it towards the audience. I saw this video five years ago and it still makes me laugh.
Venetian Bergamot by Tom Ford Review
Someone just recently pointed out to me that bergamot doesn't grow in Venice. It doesn't even grow in Northern Italy. A quick search to confirm this fact revealed that most of the Italian bergamot (80%) is grown in Calabria, Southern Italy. Southern France and Turkey also grow some but this is beside the point. This leaves me with a burning question in my mind: what Venetian beramot is Tom Ford talking about? The official description of the fragrance tells me that the Venetian bergamot is, in fact, "the sun-drenched citrus from Italy's south", which "is transported to the Northern city of grand palazzos..."​
Lonesome Rider by Tauer Perfumes (Review)
If you think leather fragrances are heavy and iris is a sad note, Andy Tauer is about to change your mind. His latest release, Lonesome Rider, features leather and iris but has little in common with what your typical leather and iris perfumes. ​The idea for Lonesome Rider was not thoroughly new. This fragrance is the reincarnation of another perfume Andy Tauer created shortly after his most successful composition, L'Air du Desert Marocain, hit the market. The name of the original fragrance was Orris and, according to Andy, it featured iris and a very high quality oud among other notes.
10 Modern Takes on Classic Cologne
I've decided to switch things up this year. Instead of going with the latest designer release for the summer, I'm going to wear a classic cologne. The kind that is bracingly fresh and mouthwateringly bitter. A type of scent Paul Newman or Gianni Agnelli wore in their prime.
Do Perfume Reformulations Really Matter?
If you spend any amount of time with frag heads you are guaranteed to hear a rant or two on how the fragrance companies keep ruining classic fragrances by constantly reformulating them. Talk to any Dior Homme fan and he will tell you great detail the nuances of each batch by year and month of release bemoaning how Dior ruined their masterpiece in search of higher profits.
What I Learned from an Indie Perfumer
The fragrance industry has always been wrapped in a cocoon of mystery and secrecy. It's not that perfumes are made in secret, it's that you rarely get a glimpse of what is behind the scenes. Occasionally, a mass media outlet would release a story on the back-end of creating a fragrance.